Gorgeous Single Villa Furnished. 费奥拉诺Modenese (MO).

Gorgeous Single Villa Furnished. 费奥拉诺Modenese (MO).

📅February 23rd, 2014, 15:15

In a lovely position near the hills, in Fiorano Modenese famous for its racetrack, Bellei Real Estate offers prestigious single villa a few minutes from Maranello, fully furnished, with unique high quality finishes. Located on a plot of 2400 平方米的绿色中,,en,别墅看起来像宝石和四个层次开发,,en,在地下室里有一个大车库,,en,可以托管,,en,宽敞和功能洗衣房,,en,锅炉房,,en,走廊,,en,更衣室和一个有用的caveau确保对象的小浴室,,en,货币或,,en,如果你喜欢狩猎,,en,枪支弹药,,en,在地下室还有约一个地窖,,en,理想储存葡萄酒或固化产物,,en,和一个美丽的和功能性的小酒馆,,en,关于,,en, the villa looks like a jewel and is developed on four levels.

In the basement there is a large garage – can host 3 汽车 – the spacious and functional laundry room, boiler room, a hallway, a small bathroom with dressing room and a useful caveau to secure objects, currency or, if you like sport hunting, firearms and ammunition. In the basement there is also a cellar of about 20 平方米, ideal for storing wine or cured products, and a beautiful and functional tavern – about 95 平方米 – 其中,可以装备一个健身/健康室或私人水疗,,en,一楼是别墅的心脏,,en,入口打开,,en,在大厨房和用餐区一侧,,en,而其他俯瞰大客厅,,en,大窗户照亮了生活区,分给直接通往花园,,en,此外一楼还有换药的浴室,,en,在入口的另一边它打开的一室公寓,,en,是享受一个私人入口,,en,一楼是完全专用睡眠区,,en.

The ground floor is the heart of the villa. The entrance opens, one side on the large kitchen and dining area, while the other overlooks the huge living room. Large windows light up the living area and give direct access to the garden. Also on the ground floor there is a bathroom with dressing. On the other side of the entrance it opens the studio room, that enjoy a private entrance.

The first floor is completely dedicated to the sleeping area. 在约一厂,,en,正在开发,,en,双人套房,,en,所有带浴室,并有可能使用另一领域的衣柜,,en,而不是把他们变成更双人卧室,,en,抵达,,en,在走廊里,俯瞰群山的露台打开研究,,en,马上要到上一级,,en,我们发现有大的高度开放空间,,en,目前装备的迷你公寓配有厨房,,en,用餐和睡眠区,,en,换药浴室,,en,由于空间的多功能性,,en,阁楼可以分成多个隔室,,en 250 平方米, are develop 3 double suites, all with bathroom and with the possibility to use the opposite areas as wardrobe, rather than turn them into more double bedrooms, arriving to 5 卧室. On the hallway opens the study with a terrace overlooking the hills.

Going up to the upper level, we find an open space with large heights, currently equipped as a mini-apartment complete with kitchen, dining and sleeping area, bathroom with dressing. Due to the versatility of the spaces, the attic can be divided into more compartments.

别墅共有,,en,分割成的单位,,en,酒店还包括一个阴谋,,en,目前使用的像公园,但与安装池,而不是一个网球场的可能性,,en,充足的空间,让许多的解决方案,你可以得到几乎所有你想要的一切,,en,别墅可以考虑,,en,你梦想中的别墅。,,en,信息,,en,宣传册在我们的办公室Bellei房地产服务,,en,可用性建立相邻土地的,,en,⚙来自马拉内罗几分钟,,en,的⚙别墅,,en,平方米整除,,en,主卧套房带浴室,,en 750 平方米, divisible into units of 250 平方米. The property also consists of a plot of 2400 平方米, currently used like park but with the possibility of installing a pool rather than a tennis court: ample space allows many solutions and you can get almost everything you want. The villa can be considered “The villa of your dreams.”
Information, brochure at our offices Bellei Real Estate Services.
Availability of building land adjacent to 900 平方米.

⚙ A few minutes from Maranello
⚙ Villa of 750 sqm divisible
⚙ 3 master bedroom suites with bathroom
⚙ Garage / car box, 3 seats
⚙ Wonderful tavern 95 平方米
⚙ Divided on 4 levels, be divided into 3 单位.