Wonderful loft in the post-industrial village, Modena Est renovated. For sale.

Wonderful loft in the post-industrial village, Modena Est renovated. For sale.

📅February 16th, 2014, 11:40

Very beautiful, bright and unique, Bellei Real Estate offers this magnificent loft, in an exclusive village obtained from a recent post-industrial renovation near Modena Est.

The loft, with high quality finishes is arranged to have open spaces with maximum brightness, 为了更好的每一天生活,,en,该公寓的组成包括宽敞以及分布在的商业楼面面积,,en,输入形式自主招生,我们看看巨大的双卷起居室,并立即注意到了全景玻璃接壤的阁楼,,en,然后我们有一个美丽的卧室套间有浴室和一间带初中,甚至洗衣房,,en,储存室,,en,然后我们有一个厨房,,en,从环境中分离出来,以防止气味的通道,,en,同时,我们高兴在我们的食谱,,en. The composition of the apartment includes spacious well distributed on a commercial floor area of 150 平方米 .
Entering form independent entrance we look at the huge double volume living-room and immediately noted the panoramic glass bordering the loft.

Then we have a beautiful bedroom suite with bathroom and a junior with a bathroom and even the laundry room / storage room. Then we have a kitchen, separated from the environment to prevent the passage of odors, while we delight in our recipes. 夹层,,en,这是该解决方案的重要,,en,目前用作一个休息区,也可以用来作为工作室的房间,,en,休闲区或第三卧室,,en,双车库完成的绝对值和排他性这个属性,,en,Bellei房地产以极具吸引力的价格提供了这个令人难以置信的阁楼,,en,信息和预约参观我们的办事处,,en,⚙大,,en,SQM,,en,⚙在独家村装修,,en,⚙豪华装饰和细节,,en, which is important in this solution, is currently used as a lounge area and can also be used as a studio room, relaxation area or third bedroom.

The double garage completes this property of absolute value and exclusivity. Bellei Real Estate offers this fabulous loft at an attractive price. Information and booking visits to our offices.

⚙ Fully furnished
⚙ Big: 150 SQM
⚙ In Exclusive village Renovated
⚙ Luxury finishes and details